Elysium Psychology: Your Destination for Comprehensive Supervision and Professional Growth

At Elysium Psychology, we are committed to providing comprehensive supervision to a diverse range of professionals, including provisional psychologists, social workers, drug and alcohol clinicians, mental health workers, counsellors, managers, and other dedicated individuals in various settings.

For Provisional Psychologists: Our AHPRA Board Approved Supervisors, Katy Dib and Phoebe Detering, are here to guide you on your journey. We tailor our supervision to meet your unique practice needs and interests. Our offerings include both individual supervision and engaging group supervision and training opportunities.

Explore our Facebook page for valuable insights, updates, and Professional Development opportunities: Elysium for Provisional.

Supervision Fees for 2024: We understand the financial aspects of professional development. Our 2024 supervision fees are set at $250 per hour, a rate well below the APS National Schedule of Recommended Fees for 2023-2024, which lists the standard 46 to 60-minute consultation fee at $300.

Ready to take the next step in your professional journey? Contact us today at 0491709555 to discuss your supervision needs. We are here to support your growth and success.