Elysium Training

The World Health Organization predicts by 2020 that Mental Illness will be the leading cause of illness resulting in the greatest loss of revenue in the First World.

Depression alone is estimated to:

  • Reduce workplace performance by 40%
  • Contribute to the loss of 6 million working days annually

The estimated annual revenue lost to an employer (in sick days and poor productivity) by a worker with untreated depression is $9,660. Psychological injury represents 27% of the total cost of all WorkSafe claims with an average time off of 96.1 days, compared with 28.9 days for other claims.

Directors, Managers and staff of Australian workplaces can have foresight and enact positive, forward thinking changes to the mental well-being and safety of its workers. This can mitigate the impact of mental illness and reduce potential litigation towards managers and companies.

Elysium Training offers specialised and accredited training on issues that impact mental health or personal productivity:

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid ™

Mental Health First Aid training is a two-day program which teaches the skills and knowledge needed to provide appropriate assistance to a person developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis, until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis resolves.

All MHFA training is delivered by registered and accredited instructors.

Stress Management

Stress Management training is a one day program which teaches the techniques and strategies to identify and manage individual symptoms of stress and to treat the physiological and psychological impacts of stress.

Steps to Happiness

Steps to Happiness training is offered as a condensed 1/2 day or a comprehensive one-day training which teaches the behaviours and attributes to improve personal satisfaction and happiness.

Personalised Training

Training can be developed to address any personal or psychological issue as required.